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Bed Ted Britt

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The right support. The most important factor to consider is the support that the mattress can provide to your body. This is the first thing you should pay attention to. A mattress should not be too soft, should not sag, and should respond to your weight by slowly going back to its original form. If a mattress simply gives under your weight, then it will not support the proper curve and alignment of your spine. If a mattress does not provide the optimum support especially for the key areas of the body like the lower back, you will most likely wake up to body pains.

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Bed Ted Britt

The two best types of mattress for back pain, when it comes to support, is the innerspring mattress and the memory foam mattress. Innerspring mattresses depend on coil springs for support; unlike foam, these are heavy duty, highly resilient sources of support. They do not flatten out or soften. The combination of the number and the positioning of coils will determine how supportive a mattress is. If there are more coils and the coils are placed closer together, the mattress will be more supportive.

The other type is the memory foam mattress, which can provide support that conforms to the unique shape of each body. This way, every inch of your body will receive the support it needs, regardless of what your body build is. Memory foam also provides pressure point relief, which is also beneficial for people with bad backs.

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